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Zoss Language Services offers our clients, potential clients (or anyone else who would like to utilize our website) free access to our English resources. This includes printable worksheets, web links to useful sites for learning, links to language learning podcasts (i.e. listening activities), links to interesting articles in the news and many other resources. This section will be updated frequently, so if this is your first time here, have a look around, utilize the resources and come back again soon!

NEW weekend intensive courses of English in the Czech Highlands!

25. September 2014, NEWS and more!

NEW weekend intensive courses of English in the Czech Highlands!

BRIBERY - uplácení

4. September 2010, NEWS and more!

Have you ever taken or received a bribe? Listen to two gentlemen talking about their expieriences with bribery.

English Daily

15. April 2010, NEWS and more!

Excellent source for American Idioms and a lot more!

Modal verbs for socializing

3. April 2010, NEWS and more!

Here's an excellent resource for using modal verbs in the context of socializing.  Have a look! 

BBC Learning English

2. April 2010, NEWS and more!

BBC Learning English is an excellent place for English resources.  Zoss Language Services not only recommends that students utilize BBC's website(s), but our teachers incorporate relevant materials from this site directly into the course plan.BBC Learning English Exercises in General …


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